I catch myself looking at this ring, feeling so lucky to finally have something that I’ve always wanted..ever since i blogged this back in 12/2009…
same sun, different view
breakfast for dinner, birthday cake oreos for dessert 😁 #honeybunchesofoats #startuplife #iwantramenbutwontdoit #nope
love me some sparkle water.
mother’s love.

i always get jealous of families that are together who can eat dinners, go run errands and just spend time together. i took this all for granted when my parents were here.

i had dinner with my bf’s mom yesterday and i just felt so much love, love of a mother. it was a feeling I’d forgotten. the love in the food she prepared to her massaging my arms while talking..

it was a bittersweet moment because i loved spending time with her but missed my mom so much more.

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friends, i can cross off “driving stick” off my bucket list, conquered with a lot of yelling and a stall. 😐 

for sale: the jjangest car ive ever been in. serious inquires only! it’s been taken care of sometimes better than me. 😁tee he he he, let me know if you know anyone who’d be interested. please & thank you. #s2k #s2000 #byeshelly #honda #topdown
congratulations @crystalee8! love you and i wish you a lifetime of happiness and fullness of love! πŸ‘°πŸŽŽπŸ‘
sunset on my flight back to dc